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July 2016We are in the finals of IPRA Golden World Awards!

Our campaign Say it to my face for the client Open Society Foundation received awards for effectiveness, creativity, PR, and recent fighting at international prestigious competition IPRA Golden World Awards as only slovak campaign in last year. We are in the finals, my friends, so keep your fingers crossed!

June 2016Triple success for Mayer / McCann Erickson!

We really had high hopes for this year's creative competition Golden Nail 2016. And for a good reason - we had 5 shortlists. Three of them turned into "real" Nails on that night.

The awarded works were: anti-hate campaign "Povedz mi to očí" for OSF (Silver and Bronze Nail) and original technical solution for a helmet of Slovak racing driver M. Homola (Bronze Nail).

May 2016We’re introducing the new generation of the walls - Habito

We helped our client Rigips to launch the high strength plasterboard Habito.
The campaign was placed in the online and offline environment and was complemented by a funny radio spot.

Listen, how the strength of this board caught a skilled kung-fu master by surprise!

April 2016We have the bronze Louskáček
Our campaign „Povedz mi to do očí“ for client Open Society Foundation (OSF) achieved another award! It won in Czech advertising competition ADC Creative Awards and went home with bronze in the Digital category. Moreover this campaign is still successfully spreading even eight months after the release! Videos from this campaign were screened as a part of Jeden Svět film festival in 34 cities all over the Czech Republic.

March 2016Bloody sonets in Incheba
Creatives bled for a good cause in March. Our agency hosted the 2nd anual blood donation in the Incheba building not only for copywriters and graphic designers. We are very pleased that, we raised 9,45 litres of blood with help of national transfusion center. We have prepaired a video invitation for this event as well, starring a brilliant reciter Štefan Bučko.

March 2016Spring campaign for Polus
In the new spring campaign for POLUS, we were challenging customers to let themselves be seduced by the spring collections. Visual part, where we displayed a couple in love on a bicycle, was accompanied by a cute wordplay-based headline. The couple was portrayed by Eliška and David, whom are well known by customers, from previous campaignes.
Campaign was shot by famous slovak photographer Jakub Klimo.

February 2016Coca-Cola Perfect Serve
Our client Coca-Cola wanted to shoot an instructional video, for their Perfect Serve campaign in in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, about the proper serving of this legendary drink.
At the same time, this video should has been equally attractive for all of their customers, so they can see that Coca-Cola cares about the quality serving of their product. So we shot a short clip, that demonstrates everything with no need for words, just with the help of fancy shots.

January 2016Poštová banka – Sale of loans
In a dynamic and humorous TV spot the mayor of small slovak village performs his driving skills to all main characters. Rudo (Ľ. Kostelný) is impressed not only with a crazy ride, but also with the car, so he is decided to buy the car and take the loan, which is adviced by a postwoman Katka (A. Šišková).

January 2016MasterCard Priceless Specials
Making dreams come true from Master Card Priceless Specials continues and we were there as well again! We pleasently surprised our winners and documented the whole thing. Mrs. Zuzana decided to selflessly present dogs from a dog shelter in Poprad and Mr. Andrej from Piešťany surprised his mother-in-law and gave her a talking Parrot.

November 2015Effie
Our campaign “Povedz mi to do očí” ,targeting haters on the internet, have won a bronze Effie award. Huge viral outcome of the campaign, which we made for The Open Society Foundation (OSF), with minimal production expenses, have satisfied the jury awarding the most effective Slovak advertising. Campaign with Slovak figures knocking on their “haters´” doors has a big chance to win more prizes in the future. We are impatiently waiting what will this campaign achieve.